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bhi noise cancelling products remove noise & interference...
...so you can hear clearly and listen stress free!

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Don’t put up with noise and interference any longer...
...Get a bhi DSP noise cancelling product and really get the message!

bhi Ltd design and manufacture a range of DSP noise cancelling products that remove unwanted background noise and interference from noisy radio and voice communication channels to leave clear intelligible speech

Reducing noise in...


Amateur Radio


Commercial Radio



Featured Products


£149.96 ex VAT (£179.95 inc VAT)

DESKTOP 10 Watt DSP noise cancelling base station speaker

Dual In-Line

£165.83 ex VAT (£199.00 inc VAT)

Dual channel DSP noise eliminating in-line module.

Compact In-Line

£149.96 ex VAT (£179.95 inc VAT)
Compact portable mono/stereo DSP noise cancelling in-line module.

ParaPro EQ20-DSP

£216.63 ex VAT (£259.96 inc VAT)

ParaPro EQ20-DSP 20 watt audio unit with parametric equalisation and bhi's world-class DSP noise cancelling technology

ParaPro EQ20 Parametric Audio DSP Range

The ParaPro EQ20 audio DSP range incorporates a 20W audio amplifier with parametric equalisation allowing you to fine-tune your receive audio to suit to your our own hearing. Four models are available including the option of the having the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology and Bluetooth connectivity
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